4 Tips For Choosing The Right Removalist In Melbourne

It seems there are hundreds of removalists in Melbourne VIC nowadays – but the big question is; who’s legit, and who will make you regret your first house move? The company you choose can significantly mean the difference between a seamless transition and a “chaotic” moving experience. Choosing the right removalist for your move could save you missed possessions or chipped furniture – and should not be complicated. Just follow this 4-point checklist, and get the best deal possible!

Tip One

Make sure you clearly understand the prices and services of your chosen removalists. Take your time to review their terms and conditions – and make sure they are satisfactory and clear. Some movers are not clear with their pricing and may add extra removalist fees for petrol, long walks, stairs, GST, and petrol. Keep in mind that some rates do not include all the services offered – like well-serviced trucks, trained staff, and proper insurance. Read through your quote and check if all the necessary fees and charges have been covered. This will help you avoid unexpected costs after a big move.

Tip Two

Insurance levels will vary from one company to another, so it is important to check what your furniture removalist covers. Damage and loss of property are the most common areas of concern – particularly furniture, which can easily get broken or scratched. To make sure your property is safe while on transit apply for a contents insurance policy – or if you have an existing one, it would be wise to check whether your stuff is insured while moving. Anyway, your furniture removalist should have both public utility insurance and cargo insurance – which covers your goods in the event of an accident.

Tip Three

With any mover, you want their price to match the quality of the services they offer. Receiving and relying on a single quote isn’t always the best idea. Get a variety of quotes from different movers and compare their prices – and potentially save some bucks during your move. The quotation should be free and provided with no obligation. Don’t be easily deceived by special offers or cheap prices when reviewing the quotes. Consider the removalists resources, reputation, and experience as equally important.

Tip Four

Considering previous customer experience with a removalist is always a good idea. Try talking to coworkers, family, and friends who have ever hired a moving company in the past. Their honest feedback will help you narrow down your list. House movers, on the other hand, will try their best – use attractive pricing – to convince you that they are the real deal to get your business. But the ideal way to tell if you are being played is to check their reviews online. Beware of movers with poor recommendations and reviews: they will likely take you and your belongings for a ride.

If you are planning to move to another place with all your belongings, finding a reliable removalist is necessary. Whether you need a furniture removal or home moving service, keep the mentioned tips in mind – and you’ll have peace of mind whenever you decide to move. Our recommendation for removalists in Melbourne is Move in Removals. They are a reputable company, and even have truck hire options if you feel like doing the move yourself!